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Solo Exhibitions

1970    London, Woodstock Gallery
            Amsterdam, Ina Broese Gallery

1971    Antwerp, DE Eik Gallery
            London, Summit Gallery

1972    Haifa, Chagall House

1973    Manchester, Leigh Gallery

1977    National Maritime Museum

1978    Boston, Gallery of world Art
            Memphis, Tennessee, Temple Israel

1979    San Francisco, Lyon Gallery

1981    Haifa, Auditorium

1984    Ramat Gan, Municipal Museum

1985    Jerusalem, Artists House

1987    Florida, Miami

1991    Ein Hod, Artists House

1994    Haifa, Auditorium

1998    Japan, Kobe, Higashi

2001    Haifa, Kastra, Art center

2002    Beit Gabriel- kinneret

2003    Art Gallery, Mitzpe Hayamim

2005    Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University

2007    Art Gallery, Beth Nagler, Kiryat Haim

2009   "Horace Richter" Gallery, Old Jaffa
           "Maleor" Gallery, Caesarea
            Chagall Artists House, Haifa

2017    Haifa Municipal Theater

Group Exhibitions

1992    New York, Art Expo

1999    New York, Montserrat Gallery

2005    Intelect - Israeli Art fest
            Hot Summer - Ein Hod
            Portrait - Beit Shagal
            Printing - Beit Shagal


         and many others.

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