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Collections and Public Displays

"Salute to the Clandestine Immigration Ships",

Museum of the Clandestine Immigration and the Israel Navy, Haifa

Museum of Modern Art, Haifa 

The Bible Museum, Tel Aviv

Painting "Jerusalem", donated by the Bronfman family

to the Saar Zion Hall, Montreal

Painting "Jerusalem", The Knesset of Israel, Jerusalem

Wall Tapestry (18m), Tadiran company, Tel Aviv

Group of paintings at the Carmel Medical Center, Haifa

Wall Tapestry for the Kfar Tavor Local Council Hall,

commissioned on the occasion of the village's 100th anniversary

Painting "Boat Harbor", Embassy of Greece

Group of paintings at the Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa

Group of paintings at the Fliman hospital, Haifa

Painting "Mt. Carmel & The Sea", Haifa Municipal Town Hall

Large Painting (300x250) "Perpetuum Mobile",

Head office of the First International Bank, Tel Aviv

Wall Tapestry (10 m) "From Dan to Eilat",

Rabin Building, Government Offices, Haifa

Painting "Mitla Pass", Beit Halochem, Haifa

Painting "Jerusalem", Temple Israel, Memphis, Tennessee

Large Painting in the Military Medical Center,

made in cooperation with wounded IDF soldiers

Terra-cotta relief on the facade of a building in Abba Hushi Ave., Haifa

Wall Tapestry "Layers" and paintings from the "Overview" series,

entrance hall, Haifa Airport

HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands' collection,

two paintings acquired during the exhibition in Amsterdam

Chaim Herzog, former President of Israel.

President Jarbas Passarinho, Brazil

Mr. Mermez, Parliament of France

Lady James De Rothschild, London

Mr. Jeoffrey Finsberg J.P M.P of the House of Commons, London

Mr Ed Koch, Mayor of the city of New York

Mr. Yokl Fox, Mayor of the city of Main

Shaarei Tzedek Synagogue, Montreal

The wall tapestry at the Government building in Haifa
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